Are you often under stress and under the pressure of deadlines? Spending a lot of time sitting or in front of a computer? Do you wake up with a feeling of stiffness in your neck and tension in your shoulders, and also feeling dizziness? If your answer is affirmative, continue reading this text because you are certainly familiar with neck and shoulder pain, just like 90% of people who experience this problem, and check out the most common causes of neck and shoulder pain.

There is almost no person who has not at least once in their life felt the discomfort caused by neck and shoulder pain. The neck is extremely complex and at the same time one of the most sensitive parts of our body. It consists of 7 cervical vertebrae interconnected by muscles and ligaments, and its basic function is to allow head movements. Since the neck and shoulders are an integral part of the functional unit, often the pain in the neck extends to the shoulder area. This is exactly the “zone” where most of our daily stresses accumulate, which can have a negative impact on the whole organism.


  • The most common symptoms of neck and shoulder pain
  • What causes the neck and shoulder pain?
  • How to relieve the tension in your neck and shoulder – natural treatment?
  • The importance of prevention before pain even occurs


Numerous symptoms of neck and shoulder pain are often being ignored until the pain becomes so severe and persistent, that it causes many problems, which can indicate some serious diseases that require doctors’ assistance and appropriate treatment. Initially, a feeling of discomfort and pain in the neck area may occur, which then spreads to the shoulders, leading to impaired mobility of the head and other areas (e.g., arms). Therefore, it is important to recognize the real causes of the problem as soon as the pain occurs, in order to avoid other symptoms, such as:

  • neck or shoulders stiffness, tension and tightness in the neck
  • stiffness and muscle pain;
  • the pain spreading to other areas which can lead to numbness of the limbs (eg tingling in the hands) and weakness in the arms and legs;
  • headache, dizziness, visual disturbances, nausea and vomiting

Apart from the fact that neck and shoulder pain can vary from relatively mild, almost harmless, to severe, hard pain, we can also distinguish acute from chronic pain. What is the difference?

Acute Chronic Pain


Neck and shoulder pain occurs as a result of the modern lifestyle and neglect of one’s own health. Most causes of neck and shoulder pain are harmless, but when pain occurs it can be very irritating affecting daily activities.

The causes of neck and shoulder pain can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. The first category refers to degenerative changes affecting the cervical spine, ligaments and muscles
  2. The second category refers to various diseases of the internal organs that can cause pain in that area.

Most often, neck pain and shoulder tension occur as a result of:

  • Improper posture
  • Sedentary lifestyle (spending lot of time working of the computer, watching TV ..)
  • Wrong sleep position
  • Insufficient physical activity
  • Stress, worries

When pain occurs, this can be very helpful to get rid of muscle tension:

  • Stretching exercises
  • Massage
  • Pain creams or ointments (eg Acuraflex)
  • Physical Therapy

Neck and shoulder pain can occur due to injury or muscle strain of the certain area. It happens often to athletes who are exposed to intense physical exertion. The aging process brings numerous degenerative changes in the connective tissues of the spine, which are accompanied by chronic inflammatory processes, causing severe pain in the neck and shoulders.

Severe, chronic pain in the area of ​​the cervical spine that also extends to the shoulders, arms and back, may be the result of somewhat more serious conditions, such as:

  • Cervical osteochondrosis- disease that occurs not only in adults, but can be present in adolescents and even children under 15 years. Cartilage damage leads to displacement of the vertebrae thereby tightening blood vessels and nerve endings. With proper therapy and medical supervision, symptoms can be eliminated quickly.
  • Arthritis – leads to the gradual wearing away of the cartilage and even the deformation of the joint itself, causing constant pain that spreads to the neck, back, arms and chest, limiting mobility.
  • Osteoarthritis – although at first it may manifest itself only as a small discomfort when moving, if left untreated, swelling and redness of the skin appear, the pain becomes stronger and can lead to limited joint mobility.
  • Herniated disc – Cervical disc herniation is usually caused by sports injuries, most often appears between 30-50 years
  • Inflammation of a tendon (tendonitis) – causes intense dull pain, and in most cases is the result of trauma or excessive physical exertion.
  • Diseases of the internal organs – although pain in the neck and shoulders is usually linked with diseases of the spine and joints, it can also be associated with diseases of the internal organs, such as the heart, lungs or liver.


It is important to determine the exact cause of the pain so that appropriate therapy can be applied. What is the best natural way to ease the neck and shoulder pain and continue to enjoy your daily activities? Acuraflex is a solution!


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In order to prevent neck and shoulder pain, we bring you these tips that can be applied in everyday life, in order to maintain the health of the neck and spine.
Here are some useful self-help tips:

  • beware of your posture – it’s important,
  • take frequent breaks during work, light physical exercise, and stretch
  • when playing sports, follow the coach’s instructions
  • good rest is essential, so pay attention to the quality of mattresses and pillows
  • use quality dietary supplements whose ingredients work to preserve joint health and relieve pain (eg Acuraflex)
  • take care of a healthy lifestyle (proper diet, sufficient physical activity, quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption

It is important not to ignore the first signs of discomfort when pain occurs and seek doctors’ advice, in order to discover the cause of the pain as soon as possible and choose the appropriate treatment. Remember that ignoring the symptoms or trying to self-help can also harm your health.